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How to Use 3D Printing Technology for Your Business in Dubai

How to Use 3D Printing Technology for Your Business in Dubai

3D Printing technology has been actively used in many different sectors for nearly 30 years. The technology has developed a lot during this time to different types of 3D printing technologies, different sizes, and different materials.


What are the uses of 3D Printing Technology in Dubai?

3D printing is almost everywhere nowadays. You can see that 3D printing is used in many different sectors such as Education, Automotive, Engineering, Medical, manufacturing, Marketing, etc.

3D printing is actually more useful, cheaper, and faster than other manufacturing techniques to develop prototypes, replicas, products, and some cases end-use parts.


Use of 3D Printing Technology in Marketing and Branding

Being a tool that can create any shapes at a very fast speed and lower cost, it’s being used a lot as a marketing tool that companies use to make prototypes and copies of their products to display in different sizes in events, exhibitions, or even in their offices.

For example, a company that sells yachts or ships, they cant have their product in real size at their office, so they use 3D printing to 3D print their product and display in a small size, to be able to explain to their clients all their products details.


3D Printing Technology in Engineering

For engineering firms, 3d printing has become almost vital. With the help of 3d printing, plastic parts that cannot be parted or will take a long time to find are produced as quickly as 24h, and at the least cost and this creates a huge advantage for engineering companies.

In addition, new ideas can be easily tried and applied and special concept models can be used as prototypes, visualization of the projects, construction, and the ability to intervene in the event of any error also increases the popularity of 3D printing technology in the field of engineering.


Use of 3D Printing Technology in the Architecture Sector

Before the use of 3D printing was widespread, it took a long time and a lot of work to produce the concept models that architects used to show off their designs.

Since the use of 3D printing has started to function frequently in the field of architecture, it saves both energy and time spent on long explanations of how the projects will look like. In addition, more detailed and special designs can now be easily presented to customers so they can visualize the project from all angles before moving forward.

Did you know that the Dubai Municipality built the first 3D Printed building in Dubai, with 640 square meters 9.5 meters and with a height of 9.5 meters? All was built using 3D printing technology.

As this example shows, 3D printing can seriously shape the architecture and construction sector in the future.


Use of 3D Printing Technology in the Automotive Industry

3D printing technology, which many brands that have become world giants in the car industry now frequently resort to, is almost one of the most important technologies of our time. 3D printing can be used for many different purposes in the automotive sector.

For example, the Honda brand, one of the most well-known car manufacturers, aims to diversify parts of many cars in different models produced with the help of 3D printing technology such as headlights, management panels.

The Audi prefers to make spare parts production method with the help of 3D printing, which is the method frequently used by other car brands.


Use of 3D Printing Technology in Oil and Gas

Oil and gas is a sector where most of their structure is made of a variety of metals, and in long term, there is the problem of metal corrosion and if they brake they have to wait weeks for the parts to be replaced, that makes a huge cost for the parts replacement. With 3D Printing, Oil and Gas industry has started shifting in some of their parts from metal to 3D printed Pa12 material. And from the parts that is not possible to shift the material, Oil and Gas Industry has been digitalizing their parts, so when they break or the metal corrosion happens, they can quickly 3D print in metal in only 48 hours, they can have the part replaced.



Use of 3D Printing Technology in Medicine and Medical Sector

In 2011, a baby who was found to have suffered a collapse in his windpipe was implanted for the windpipe using 3D printing technology. This problem, which is considered impossible to solve, was solved with 3d printing technology. In this case, the use of 3D printing in the field of health declared its power and began to shed light on many lives.

Prosthesis production, which is a process that has been applied for many years; with the production time being too long and the cost too high, it was not at a level to meet every need. Also, when it needed to be designed individually, it was not easy to replace it with its ready-made model. One of the benefits of 3D printing at this point was that it could speed up this process, reduce costs, and be redesigned to be open to change.

In 2011, real bone was produced for the first time using 3D printing. In addition, 3D printing technology has been achieved the development of a technology to produce heart valves, ear cartilage, artificial skin, vascular tissue. As for organ production, studies are ongoing to mature the technology and be used in the near future as a solution.


Use of 3D Printing Technology in the Education sector

In recent years, the use of 3D printing has become quite widespread. And with easier access to this important technology, rapid improvements began to occur in the field of education.

The failure to expand the ‘abstract learning’ method, which is considered one of the most important problems of education, has almost gone down in history thanks to 3D printing.

When it comes to a concept that needs to be learned abstractly during education, it is a revolution in the education system that this concept can be easily explained by making it concrete with 3d modeling.


Use of 3D Printing Technology in the Jewelry sector

With 3D printing, the production and design of new generation jewelry and accessories is also provided with great convenience through the process of casting 3D Printed parts. In addition, it helps keep the lower inventory of jewelry having the speed to manufacture as per order at low cost, in a very short time and with little manpower.


Use of 3D Printing Technology in manufacturing

In manufacturing there is a huge concentration of machinery that requires a lot of parts, some of those parts when they break, normally the company has to order the part from the supplier of that specific machine, that process could take weeks for the part to reach to the manufacturing facility and replace the broken part. That has a huge negative impact in the manufacturing company, in case that part is important and the machine cant work with that, will be stopped during the period of the delivery of that specific part. Now with 3D printing, that problem can be solved, when the manufacturing can have the part replaced as fast as only 24h.


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