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5 Ways to Use 3D Printing for Marketing and Branding in Dubai

5 Ways to Use 3D Printing for Marketing and Branding in Dubai

3D printing has come a long way in the past few years, and it’s now being used in a variety of industries for a variety of purposes. One area where 3D printing is proving to be particularly useful is marketing and branding. In this blog post, we’ll discuss 5 ways that you can use 3D printing for marketing and branding purposes in Dubai. Both marketing and branding are essential aspects of any business, and using 3D printing can help you create unique and memorable brands that stand out from the competition. Additionally, 3D printing is exellent for innovative marketing campaigns that get your brand noticed by potential customers.

If you’re looking for ways to use 3D printing in your marketing and branding efforts in Dubai, here are 5 ideas to get you started:

Exhibitions and trade shows:

  • 3D printed models of buildings.
  • 3D Printed furniture and fixtures.
  • Cars and vehicles 3D Printed for exhibitions

3D printing is best used when it is utilized to showcase an entire three-dimensional object. For instance, now you can print as many 3D models of an apartment or commercial complex and put them on display at many events. You can even use 3D printing to showcase the interior of the same model, fully furnished with miniature furniture and bathroom accessories.

If you are in the design industry, you can use 3D printing to showcase your concept without actually investing in the actual product manufacturing.

Use large-format prints to create stand-out displays for your next exhibition or trade show. You could 3D print your whole product, its model, and a use case scenario and put it on display. Although animations or videos on a big screen are excellent for showcasing your products, nothing can beat an actual use case scenario that you create using 3D printing.

On top of that, you can 3D print your whole exhibition booth and make it a part of your marketing strategy. You can customize a tradeshow booth for an electric car company by printing all their existing and concept cars and thus bringing everything to life.

Realistic looking 3D Printed props:

  • Movie Props
  • Commercial Props
  • Promotional props

Realistic-looking 3D printed props made with the help of a professional-grade 3D printer can be used for movies, commercials, and later on for promotional purposes. These 3D printed props will look very realistic and will add to the movie’s or commercial’s production value. For example, a car company could use a realistic-looking prop of one of their cars in a movie or commercial. This would help the company to promote their product and get more exposure. Instead of blowing up a real Formula 1 car, you could create a 3D printed blown up or accident car.

Similarly, these props can be used for promotional purposes. These 3D printed props can be used as life-size advertising pieces for marketing the movie.

Trophies & Awards:

  • 3D Printed trophies
  • Branded signage

Use of 3D printed trophies is great, to get uniqueness on the design, that can be displayed the company product or even the person receiving the trophy, award your best customers is a great marketing strategy so they place the award in their office and they will be always reminding about you. Awarding your team members is great for them to be motivated and better serve your customers

Branding Luxury goods:

  • Models of Luxury items.
  • Create unique and bespoke 3D printed covers for mobile phones or other luxury products.

3D printing is utilized by luxury car brands to market their cars to potential customers. A Lamborghini car dealership can use 3D printed models of the latest cars and send them to potential buyers. These models will constantly remind them that an ultra-luxury car is waiting for them to purchase and will double as a beautiful shelf object.

Similarly, 3D printing can be utilized to create bespoke covers and other items for potential or existing customers.

Customized 3D Printed gifts:

  • Boat Scale model
  • Favorite 3D Printed city skyline model
  • 3D Printing their own product in small size

As a branding and marketing agency, or a business of any kind, you can utilize 3D printing to create customized gifts for your customers. For the high-end customers, you can 3D print a beloved piece of their belongings and gift it to them on their birthday or other occasions. You could create a model of their favorite boat or yacht.


By using these 5 methods, you can easily use the power of 3D printing for marketing and branding purposes in Dubai. It helps you save money, time, and energy while creating a long-lasting impression on your customers. 3D printing can help you take your marketing and branding game to the next level using all the unique and never-before-possible techniques and opportunities.




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