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Painting + Finishing

When Presentation Matters

Our Painting + Finishing services are designed to transform ordinary parts into professionally finished, presentation-ready pieces. Whether it’s a trophy for a televised awards show, a hero prop for a commercial production, or a tradeshow display piece;You want your items to look perfect, and that’s what we do.

All items are fully sanded to smooth perfection, prior to applying any sort of cosmetic finishing. This includes removing “build lines” on the surface of 3D Printed parts.

What different types of finishes can I get?

We provide paint matching services to match your color swatches or Pantone color codes. Our full spray booth capabilities include spraypaint, airbrush, and spray gun for high-gloss hard coats or automobile paint.

If you have a specific surface pattern or detailed paint scheme for a figurine or character, we offer hand-painting and figurine painting services.

For metallic finishes, we offer metallic gold and silver painting, as well as gold and chrome for a lustrous true metallic surface.

If your part requires text or logos on the surface, we accomplish this by creating die-cut decals and placing them on the smooth finished surface of your part.

How do I describe the paint style or finish that I want?

For the best outcome, please send us reference images that show the paint color, detail patterns, or cosmetic surface finish that you’d like applied to your 3D Printed parts.

If you are trying to target a specific color scheme or finished surface appearance, it’s best to provide example images showing other objects with similar appearances that you’d like to match.

How long does it take?

Painting + Finishing services do add production time to an otherwise regular 3D Printing or Custom Fabrication order. If you need color-matched painting of a single color, this will add ~2-3 days to your regular lead time.

Other processes require more time: detailed model painting can add up to 1-2 week to lead-times, while metallic gold or chrome electroplating typically adds 2-3 weeks to project lead-times due to the fine level of surface finishing required and the multi-step metallic electroplating process.

How to Order

Get a Quote

Provide a Description and Reference Materials

It all starts with a physical object

Painting + Finishing services are provided as an additional step in an order which already involves fabrication of 3D Printed or custom build parts.

If you need your parts to be cosmetically finished after fabrication, then you’ll want to start off your project by requesting a quote to build your parts, and include a description of your desired cosmetic appearance.

Sorry, but we don’t accept ready-made parts from customers for finishing.

Describing your desired appearance

Send us your own images or artwork, or provide example images which show other existing objects with similar appearances that you’d like to match.

If you need to match a specific color or set of colors for your brand, provide color swatches or Pantone codes.

Fabrication –> Finishing –> Delivery

Your models will be fabricated according to your chosen method of 3D Printing or Custom build. Once parts are finished, they are in their raw form and will first be sanded and smoothed to prepare for cosmetic finishing.

Once all surfaces are smoothed and prepped, our team of artists will paint and finish your part to perfection. Note that this process involves down-time for drying and curing for various paints and coatings. Your lead time may vary due to dry-time for multiple or varied coatings, and painted parts are not released until they are fully dry and cured.

Parts which have been painted or custom-finished may require extra caution in handling. Custom orders are packed and delivered according to the best method to avoid damage or blemishes during transportation.