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Experts Of Architectural Model Making In Dubai

On Point 3D talented team is passionate about bringing the reality into small scale, thriving for excellence, focusing on quality and service, rapidly become the leading architectural model making company in UAE!  

We value communication with our clients to make sure we understand the exact requirements, even to the smallest detail.  

Our main goal is to create a WOW effect every time our clients see the final result! 

Here’s a quick look of how an Architectural Model in Dubai Looks Like

What is an Architectural Scale Model?

An Architectural scale model is physical or digital representation of a building or structure, used to demonstrate its design and layout. It’s mostly used to communicate design concepts to clients and team as well in early stages of the design is used to explore different options and layouts of the projects.

There are different types of architectural models, such as physical scale models, which are built to a specific scale, and 3d digital models, which can be created and manipulated using computer software.

How to Order

Get a Quote

Upload or Send Your 3D Model Files 

If you have 2D and 3D CAD files with images/renders ready, you can submit your request details by email and we will tailor a quotation for you. If you need some guidance or don’t have Model files, you can get one-on-one help from our team by submitting an online quote request. 

We Build Your Architectural Scale Model in Dubai 

Your models are made to order, according to your chosen size, material, details and quantity. All architectural scale model files undergo quality checks to ensure successful results. 

Pickup or Shipping 

Choose to have your order shipped to your door, or pick up for our factory in Dubai, UAE. 

Why are we the Leading Architectural Model Makers in UAE?

We love what we do, with over 20 years of experience our team is dedicated to help our clients produce the finest and most detailed architectural models in Dubai. 

Ever since our inception, On Point 3D has been producing models for the Top Developers, Architectural firms and consultant companies in Middle East and rapidly become the Leading Architectural Model Makers in UAE 

To ensure 100% client satisfaction, we follow stringent quality control protocols and guarantee that the architectural model will fulfill all of your requirements.  

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