3D Printing


What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing is a manufacturing process also known as Rapid Prototyping, this process turns 3D digital files into precise physical objects.

How much time take to print?

Depends on the model size, details, etc.. Typically, the printing time starts from 1h upwards

How much cost 3D Printing?

The price depends on many factors as, technology used, material used, size, finishing, timeline, etc.

What colors can you print?

There is technologies that you can print any color and there is another technologies that only prints in white or black, but you can do paint is any color as well.

What do you need to 3D Print?

We required 3D file in STL, OBJ, FBX or STEP formats.

Do you do 3D Design?

Yes, we have experienced 3D Artists and Engineers that can 3D design anything.

What are the materials available?

We have available, Resin, PLA, PETG, ABS, PA12, PA11, etc

What is the strongest material available?

The strongest material we have is PA12

What is the maximum print size you can print?

We can 3D Print models of any size, the largest we printed was a real size Formula 1 car, 7 meters long.

What 3D printing technologies you have?

We have Industrial SLA, DLP, SLS and FDM


Architectural Models


What isArchitectural Models?

Architectural Scale Model is a representation of the real infrastructures in small display sizes.

What are the materials used?

We use a variety of materials depending on the project, but the most used materials is, acrylic, 3D printed resin, plywood, etc.

What are the technologies used?

Laser cutting machine, Industrial SLA 3D printing machine and CNC machine

What files are required to make a model?

The files required is site plans, elevations, perspectives, all AutoCAD and 3D files of the project.

What do you need to make an architectural model?

We require the files or images reference.